Ways to use Pumpkin Orange Color in Your Home

Beautiful Color For Your Home

Who have thought that pumpkin orange is not just for Halloween?  It is an awesome color that can be incorporated in your house. Such color is ideal if you want to call the attention of some areas in your home. It can be matched with earthy tones or other simple colors. Working with this intense color is not really that hard.

Home ImprovementCommon colors that can easily coordinate with pumpkin orange are red, yellow, and brown. Choosing the right palette will make the color harmonious. If you are aiming for a more stylish and modern approach opposite but shy colors can be match such as shades of blue. It will surely create a contemporary look to your home and bring a high energy vibe. Pumpkin orange is ideal to warm up a boring room. it works well with heavy and dark neutral colors or deep wood tones.

If you are brave enough, orange can be use to accent walls. This color will add minimalistic approach to the room especially if you have limited accessories or furniture. This eye-popping color can be painted in all wall of the room however, it would be nice if you will only use it in two walls or the ceiling and incorporate it with other colors. The orange will also help you acquire plenty of natural light because of its vibrant color.

Another area in the home that is perfect to splash this color is the kitchen. If you own an old kitchen and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to make it look brand new, painting the walls with pumpkin orange will give a kick. Such color work well with antique things. When using such color it is advisable to incorporate it with white and rich woods. You don’t need to redone your countertops and cabinets because the orange wall will do the work.

For a modern approach to this color you can simply use it for painting stripes. This is ideal for kid’s or ten’s room. Orange stripes bring a lot of fun and energy to the room which is needed by many children. It also works well with cute bed sheets and pillow case.

Orange pumpkin is not for paints only. If you have boring ceiling and floors you can fill it with orange accessories of furniture. Often, orange is being neglected by many homeowners. Therefore, using orange furniture will make your home unique and fancy.

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