The Cost of Hiring Houston, TX Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air Duct Cleaning Cost

Ducts are necessary in order to deliver ventilation air to different rooms of the house or building. The air ducts are used either for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The air ducts can be made from different materials, such as steel, aluminum, Fiberglass, and sheet metal. Depending on the material you choose for duct work, it can be an expensive addition to your home. However, it offers great benefits to get the air spread evenly at every part of the house.

Air duct cleaningWhen you are thinking of having air ducts installed, you need to be prepared as well with the responsibility of having it cleaned regularly. For many homes nowadays, air duct cleaning in Houston, TX can cost from $100 or up to almost $1000. Indeed it costs a lot to get the air duct cleaned regularly. Now you are probably thinking twice of getting air ducts.

You need to understand that the prices for air duct cleaning services vary according to different factors. Experts suggest to avoid lowball offers because it is too good to be true, and could just harm the air ducts instead of cleaning it. Professional air duct cleaners offer their services from $300 and up. It does cost a lot, but it could vary depending on the size of your home, number of ducts and the company’s configuration.

The problem with specials and low offers could actually cost you more. If you don’t know the scare tactics of dishonest contractors, the $49 to $99 offers are their form to get into your door. Once inside, they will find problems in your air ducts, like black mold buildup. This could force you to pay even more for their additional services for air duct cleaning Houston. From the $99 offer you opted, you could be spending more than $500.

If you are going to invest on installing air ducts, you must be sure to invest as well for professional air duct cleaning. Professional air duct cleaners make use of quality cleaning techniques and adequate tools and equipment, to ensure the cleaning can be completed professionally, carefully and in a timely manner.

In case the contractors for air duct cleaning in Houston, TX you just hired have completed the job in less than an hour, it is a red flag not to hire them again. Legitimate air duct cleaning contractors should be able to finish it within three to four hours. This ensures the air ducts are inspected, cleaned and treated thoroughly.

It should not be that expensive to have the air ducts cleaned when you schedule it every year. Modern HVAC units can have filters installed to prevent buildup of dust, dirt and mold inside the vents. This can greatly make a difference, so as not to get call a cleaner every time.

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