Securing Offices From Janitorial Service Providers Involved In Theft And Illegal Access

How to Prevent Office Theft from Janitorial Workers

Misplacing an item or two once a month can be considered normal, but if you have been losing valuables at work almost everyday or week, that is something else. Theft in the workplace is damaging. It ruins not only one’s day but as well as the trust and relationship of everyone in the office. From cash, gadgets, purses, to identities, anything can be taken away from you under your nose.

Nowadays, commercial buildings and office spaces have CCTV cameras installed in every corner to catch thieves and burglars. However, they have become more challenging to catch as they have learned other tricks on how to steal someone’s valuables. It is necessary for building owners or property managers to resolve the issue of thievery and burglary in order to protect their business and their employees. It is not easy to catch the thieves, but with a careful approach, you might be able to.

There have been cases of illegal access and office theft where the suspects are janitorial workers. It is sad to hear that the people who are entrusted for the maintenance of the property are the same people who will betray you. They could be the least or the most expected people to be blamed of anything that are lost in the room especially when you truly believed that their services are in top quality. The fire of discovery doesn’t let you sit idle, you want to learn more of it when you already know about this. It apparent that this topic has massive information available. Still, the discovery of quality content is an uphill task. For further details on the topic, visit official website.

In selecting a cleaning company, you are entrusting not only the maintenance of the office or the whole building. Handing over the keys of the rooms and offices of the property to your janitors also mean providing them access to the building especially when everyone else is out of office. There are facilities that are impossible to clean thoroughly if the staff or customers are still in the building. 

Janitorial companies are responsible for any crime that took place in the property they are cleaning. Theft is not the only crimes that could affect the property, but as well as vandalism too. It is crucial for the cleaning company to conduct an extensive background check for their janitors before they send them out to any facility for cleaning jobs. Sadly, there are companies that are using sub-contractors so they have little or no information of their janitors’ background. One’s background is helpful to find out if he or she has any criminal records or involve in any illegal activities in the past. You can only have these criminals arrested if they made an actual confession or they got caught on tape for the crime they committed. 

Liability is one of the issues of many property owners and managers today. It is important to find out the company and the people to whom you are handing your keys to. Has there been a case of lost valuables in the office these past months or weeks? If there is no suspect among the staff, then you can consider the janitor or one of the cleaners as a suspect. Discuss about this problem with your provider of janitorial cleaning service. What can they do to resolve the problem, and how could they help to prevent the problem in the future? If the answers are unsatisfactory for you, there are more companies and contractors to consider around your state.