Right Ways to Clean a Bathroom to Improve Its Look

How to Clean a Bathroom

In most cases, homeowners don’t like cleaning the bathroom as will as home remodeling but you are required to do it so that your bathroom will look good and clean. Doing the job is not really painful especially if you do it the right way. This article will provide you great information on how to clean your bathroom without a sweat.

28Keep in mind that you can’t clean and organize any space in your home unless you start decluttering it. Start by removing all the unwanted and useless items in your bathroom. Those things that don’t belong in the bathroom should not be in the bathroom. For some reasons many homeowners stock some items like cups, clothes, and trashes inside the bathroom. This is not a stock room, this is your bathroom! Things that you should see here are some bath products. Even hairdryer and hair iron should not be placed in the bathroom because they might get wet and can cause electric problems. Also, you need to remove extra storage in the bathroom especially those unused to have a larger space. Use space saving storage to keep the bathroom simple and organize.

Start cleaning the bathroom by pouring bleach or disinfectant into the toilet bowl and tiles. Use separate brush for toilet bowl and for your tiles. This will sanitize everything. Make sure that there is proper ventilation while doing the procedure. Open window or door and keep the exhaust fan running to reduce the fume of the disinfectants. If you are eco-conscious, mix a tablespoon of baking powder into about a quart of 75/25 mix of white vinegar and water. This homemade cleaner is safe to environment and to your family.

Clean those hard to reach area by using proper tools especially if you are dealing with dust and cobwebs. Common areas where you can see these dirt is the corner of the bathroom. A duster works great for this, but you can also use the broom. The dirt that was fallen into the floor can be swept with broom. If the bathroom has delicate wallpaper then you can use soft bristles to clean the area. For tub, sink, and faucet use scrub powder to clean the dirty areas. Use the scrub powder according to instruction. However it is common to damp those areas slightly and sprinkle with scrubbing powder and sit it for 10 to 15 minutes. This will lose the dirty patches and make the scrubbing go much more smoothly. Test it out on a non-visible spot before you actually use it, the product might damage your surfaces.

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