Low Maintenance Garden Plants That Will Bloom Year Round

Low Maintenance Garden Plants

Season constantly change the temperature. Because of this many colorful gardens become so boring and dull once winter came. Planting expensive fauna and flora in your garden can be too risky. Good thing there are lots of plants that can survive drought and rain or even snow. Having a low maintenance plants in your garden is ideal which is somehow helpful in cost saving home remodeling.

Home ImprovementIf you love plants but don’t have time then here are some flowers that are low maintenance:

Strelitzia reginae also known as the Bird of Paradise this is commonly seen in tropical countries but because of its survival property, it can withstand any climate. It is a clumping plant with long, greyish leaves and bright orange flowers. There are also some variations of this plant that has yellow flowers. The only downside of this plant is that, it is not recommended for desert regions.

Nerium oleander cvs also known as Oleander. This plant can grow anywhere all year round. It can tolerate any type of soil which is ideal for those places with hot weather. The conditions of the soil don’t matter because it can survive no matter what. It has different colors from pure white to pink and red. Just be aware that oleander is a poisonous plant so if you have kids and pet in your home this is not ideal.

Anigozanthos also known as the Kangaroo Paw. Most of its species can be found in Australia but it is ideal to have if you are in a dry and hot weather country. It is tough enough to stand drought and frost. There are various species that are commonly planted in the garden such as Golden velvet that can produce gold flower and can grow up to meter in height. Another type is the Regal velvet. It has bold red and green tinged flowers and considered as one of the toughest variety of this plant. Others are the so called Amber velvet and the Ruby velvet.

Nandino domestica  or what they called Japanese sacred bamboo can be found in Asian countries but now are being introduced all over the world because of its toughness to hold any weather. It is ideal to add green in your garden. One of the best parts of having this plant is that it changes color as the season change. It can turn to orange to scarlet tone in the cooler months of the year. Unlike other species of bamboo, the Japanese sacred bamboo has creamy white flowers and bright red berries which is noticeable.

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