Key Steps of Cleaning Red Wine Stain from Your Carpet in Pasadena, TX

Red Wine Stain Removal from the Carpet

Staining the carpet is a usual incident if you have parties conducted in our house. When you invite your relatives and friends to have some wine, there is a possibility that glasses might accidentally slip and stains start to scatter in the carpet. It is true that red wine stains are really embarrassing in your carpet.

Carpet CleaningThese stains don’t need to stay for long as there are so many methods used by the providers of carpet cleaning in Pasadena, TX, To help you remove red wine stains in your carpet, here are some of the steps and methods that you can follow:

(1) Blot and dab

When red wine spilled in the carpet, do not try to scatter the stain by wiping it with a cloth. According to professionals, you need to dab or blot it. The excess liquid will be absorbed by the cloth. Avoid staining the carpet more by not wiping it.

(2) Soak up with salt

If a bottle or glass of red wine fell into your carpet, the best way to soak up the excess liquid is to apply salt. Salt will stop the excel liquid from spreading further into the porous fiber of your carpet. The solution is simple; all you need to do is get salt from your kitchen.

(3) Counter with white wine

One of the techniques in countering the damage done by a red wine spill into your carpet is white wine. All you need to do is spill white wine on the area affected by the red wine. White wine is an effective agent to counter or neutralize the red stain.

(4) The magic of baking soda

For sure, there are so many baking sodas in your kitchen. Red wine’s stain can be countered early on by a baking soda. Apply it on the stained areas and you’ll see magic after a few minutes.

Before calling in the help of professional carpet cleaning in Pasadena, TX, make sure that you have tried the steps above. If you wish to clean your carpet personally, always follow the directions from the labels of your cleaning product. Baking soda is commonly used in many house cleaning and home remodeling project.

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