How to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality to Protect Family Heath

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

One of the most important things that you need to consider when constructing your home is the safety of your family. We are not just talking about the locks but also the health. In most cases, viruses and bacteria that we get from outside is the main cause of health problem inside the house. Proper home care and cleaning is the best way to eliminate the problem. This article will help and guide you to reduce contaminants and improve air quality inside your home. You need to understand that poor air quality at home will risk the health of your family and will lead to serious problem. Aside from cold you may acquire allergies because of air impurity.

You need to know first the sources of pollutions inside your home are. The most common and maybe potential sources of air impurity are heating and cooling devices, as well as humidification devices, products from outside your home, improper waste disposal or even cleaning agents for your furniture. These can affect the air of your home. If you are using oil, coal or even wood for cooking it can create air pollution. Other things that can cause air pollution include dirty rugs and carpets, formaldehyde in textiles, and even tobacco from your ash tray.

Assessing bad air is very easy. Signs that your home is polluted include unusual odors, mold or mildew. Stale or stuffy air, excessive humidity, and sometimes you feel like you are being suffocated and the outside air is more relaxing. If you experience this, you need to take it seriously. You need to control the source of pollution by eliminating certain things. It is recommended to open your windows and doors to circulate the air from inside going out of the home and introduce fresh air from the outside to your home. It is also advisable to install exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Ensure your cooling and heating system is clean. Clean and change air filters regularly and keep air ducts clear once in a while. You should also need to empty and clean water tray in air conditioner to avoid odors. It is also recommended to clean your rugs and carpet outside of your house. If in case you can’t take your carpet outside the house you need to turn on fans or open the window. If these textiles are wet you need to sun dry them to avoid bad odor.

You need to clean any liquid spill because it can cause serious damage to your house and will introduce molds in a certain place where there is leakage. If in case your water pipes have leakage you need to fix them right away or hire a professional.

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