Etiquette for Homeowners when Hiring Houston, TX Cleaning Maid Service

House Cleaning Etiquette

Is it your first time to hire a maid cleaning service? You are probably curious if there are any preparations needed before the maid arrives, or just leave everything as it is. After all, the maids are called in to do the cleaning, so why do you think you should prepare something? On the other hand, there are indeed some things that every homeowner should understand and remember when hiring a cleaning maid service in Houston, TX.

cleaning maid serviceWhile it is true that the maid cleaners can make everyone’s life easier and every home cleaner, you also need to observe proper etiquette. Here are important matters for you to remember.

First, get your house or rooms prepared before the cleaner arrives. You need to be specific of the cleaning requirements your house needs. There are certain tasks that the maids can only do. For instance, they are usually allowed to move furniture. If you want an area behind or under the furniture cleaned, you should have it moved ahead of time for them to access it. For security purposes as well, you need to keep your valuables and jewelries stored in a private room or storage. You must do this if it is your first time to hire a cleaner or switched to a new maid services in Houston company.

Second, communication is vital for a successful cleaning experience. It is up to you if you want to leave the maid in your house or watch while he/she cleans. However, it is highly recommended to meet the cleaner during the first day to walk him/her through the house. This is also the perfect time to provide a list of things to prioritize. If you want to make use of a particular cleaning or polishing product, share it with your cleaner. It has been proven that an unsatisfying cleaning experience is due to poor communication.

Third, respect the cleaner’s time. If the cleaning service costs per hour, the cleaner only has a limited time to complete the cleaning tasks. In case you are around and offering food, drink or opening up a conversation, these could hinder them to finish their job on time. You can socialize with your cleaner once the work is done, but they mostly leave instantly to proceed to their next cleaning assignment.

Lastly, don’t forget to tip your maid cleaners. Although tipping is not required and must not be expected, homeowners should at least show a little appreciation. Yet it is also your decision to give or not, especially when you aren’t satisfied of the service. If the cleaner went beyond your expectations, it is just to offer food, cash or a valuable item.

Make sure to do a research before hiring any cleaning maid service in Houston, TX. If you are looking for a company to hire regularly to access and clean your home, find a licensed, insured and bonded cleaning company.

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