Common Carpet Cleaning Methods Many Companies in NYC, NY Now Offer

Three Carpet Cleaning Methods That You can Choose From

carpet10Carpets are more known as an ideal house floor element. However, more than the aesthetics it could bring to your house. With its intricate patterns and design, carpets are more than a home floor accessory. Just like with sticking with the most common flooring options such as hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and tile floors, carpets also has its own use and benefits.

Carpets when installed become the primary and secondary floor covering. It can protect your floors from being scratched and from spills, abrasion, and anything that could damage your floors. Room to room full carpeting will definitely give your home interior that elegant look that you wish to have. Carpets also help in the insulation of the room. But behind the purpose of carpets is the effort and expense that you must take in order to keep it always clean, healthy, and beautiful. For that, you will have to familiarize yourself when it comes to carpet cleaning and the methods used for your home improvement. So far, there are three known methods professionals use when it comes to providing carpet cleaning in NYC, NY.

  1. Steam Extraction – This method of carpet cleaning is usually done for heavily soiled carpets. With steam extraction method and under variable pressure, very hot water and cleaning agents are applied to the carpet. If your carpet problem involved stains, spills, and particles that come from your pets, this is the best options for you. Usually, it takes 12 to 18 hours for the carpet to dry and very safe for your children and pets.  
  2. Dry Cleaning or Low Moisture – In this carpet cleaning method, the carpet goes through the process called Encapsulation. The carpet is being treated with foam dry cleaning compounds steamed up with the GLS machine. This way, the dry cleaning solution is spread uniformly through the fibers of the carpet. Unlike with the steam carpet cleaning method, the carpet that has been dry-cleaned normally dries in just a couple of hours. In addition to that, protector can also be applied without the need of adding moisture. This method is also very safe for children and pets.
  3. Tru Dri – With the carpet cleaning method, the carpet is totally dry. What makes this one different from other methods mentioned above is the use of exclusive compound found from natural plants. This helps in the agitation system the carpet goes through for the complete removal of soil. The carpet fibers is being groomed and treated in just one process and the extraction of the soiled particles is done by vacuuming that is also in the same unit. This also very safe for children and pets.

Find a company that can do wide array of carpet cleaning in carpet cleaning in NYC, NY. This way, you get to choose one that suits your carpet cleaning needs the most.

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