AC Repair in Houston, Texas: How to Repair Your Own AC Unit

Tips to Repair Your AC Unit Yourself

Having an AC repair Houston, Texas can be very expensive when you decide to call for a professional. But if you think if you can troubleshoot your system instead of calling for a professional, here are some things that you do to your own air conditioning system.

AC repairFirst, check your breaker. If your unit won’t come on at all, first make sure that your breaker did not trip. This is especially true if you have several appliances at home because a huge amount of voltage can cause the breaker to trip.

Second, examine your thermostat. This is one of the most common cause of air conditioners to not come on. In most cases, all you need is simply to replace your thermostat with a new pair of batteries. Make sure that the thermostat’s settings are right or is not turned off because settings can sometimes change inadvertently.

Third, check and change the AC’s filter if necessary. Actually, most of the AC troubles can be avoided by changing the filter consistently. If your unit’s filter is clogged with dirt, the air flow can be stifled causing your unit to not cool the room efficiently. In some cases, clogged filter can also make the unit to ice up. Make sure that you often check and change the filter in a regular basis, official source.

Fourth, melt the ice when your unit is iced up. And this procedure is very simple to accomplish that you don’t need to call for a professional AC repair in Houston, Texas. All you need to do is turn off the unit and run a fan to hasten the melting process or you may also turn off the AC and leave it until the ice melts down, read more here.

Lastly, always give your unit a good cleaning before best ac repair Houston. Oftentimes, what an AC needs is only a good cleaning for it to function efficiently. Clean the fan blades and make sure to remove all the debris, dust, and molds inside the unit. No matter if you want to renovate your house or just want to improve the performance of your AC you should clean the unit.

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